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Okay, familiar with Stargate SG-1 are we? Well, be prepared for your worst nightmare!
Written in 2 days by taking turns at writing a paragraph, it's our version of SG-1.

If you're very familiar with the show, then you will be happy that, yes, we've kept the original characters (that being Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c etc.),
and added a few of our own as fan fiction writers tend to do. Also, be aware that we've
reincarnated Ra, as it seems, and that some familiar characters such as Orlin and Martouf
etc. are also put into totally different situations from what would appear on your normal
domestic family television screen. As well, we've added our own "sound effects" such as
"Bloop" for the sound that one makes when entering and exiting the Stargate and "Dit Dit
Schreww" for the Zat gun.

So, if you really want to, then read on. If you manage to get
to the end, then do us a favour and send us some feedback, whether it be bad or good, we welcome anything!

Not the average day for SG-1

Ra's Wrath of Revenge

© Elvellon & Pandora 2005